What good does it do studying so hard?

There at the bed side lies a small pile of books – one of which already shows signs it has been overused and overread. It is my piece of research. Add to that my new kindle – in its black leather case and silently waiting its owner. It is time to recharge it – I tell myself.

The written material is partly lost in my backpack, partly found in my files in my notebook. I already have shared both in public presentations and to my social network. But I want more. Every additional argument is one more reason to share.

At one side I already know what we are suppose to discuss – incite leaders to focus on the most important issue for their organizations: to transform, to adapt, to be flexible. On the other hand I must make new my approach – being more relevant to my audience.

Gary Hamel also waits for me. But he is screams out loud in my head. I know we have to get over those issues.

What can I say? Management demands an innovative doctrine. More than a century has gone by, and so little change. But the television tells me that we are living in a completely new time – so that is the proof I need. Maybe my final argument.

So why keep on studying?


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